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Confidentiality  Statement

Thank you for visiting and trusting us with your on-line purchase.  Over the last several years, individual confidentiality has become a serious issue, now regulated by stringent guidelines and imposed requirements.  This is all for a good reason as the sale of mailing lists and other personal information has become big business unto itself.

At Martha's Vineyard Candle Company, your privacy is not a commodity.  Therefore, our policy regarding the treatment of your personal information is simple and straight- forward.

Our promise to you, our customer, is that we will not use your personal information for anything but to transact your purchase.  We will not store your personal information unless you instruct us to add you to our mailing list.  Then, we will only store contact information that you enter when you elect to join our mailing list.  Nothing more will become part of our customer data base.   

We will not provide any personal information about you to any other party for any reason at all.

At Martha's Vineyard Candle Company we understand the delicate nature of an on-line purchase and that's why we have chosen "Mal's e-commerce", a national leader in e-commerce to handle our shopping cart transactions.  We have also made certain that Mal's e-commerce is aware of our policy regarding the handling of personal information and that they will abide by that policy.

Thank you again for your order and your trust.

Martha's Vineyard Candle Company Trademark.

The company name "Martha's Vineyard Candle Company(R), and the picture of candles superimposed upon the shape of Martha's Vineyard Island are protected by the United States Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office.  Published in the U.S. Federal Government Register.
Registration Number 2,814,625, Registration Date February 17, 2004. Martha's Vineyard Candle Company(R),  All rights reserved.

Our Guarantee.

Your satisfaction and continued patronage are of the utmost importance to us.  If any item in your purchase is defective or damaged please contact customer service within 2 business days of receiving  your order.  At your choice, we will exchange or refund the item within 7 to 10 business days of receiving your return. 
Please see "Returns & Exchanges" for additional important information. 

Returns and Exchanges.

Returns are accepted for damaged or defective items only .  We cannot accept any returns of used or partially used items. 

Prior to returning any item, you must contact customer service and obtain a "Return Authorization Number" within 2 business days of receiving your order.  This will insure that your return gets processed quickly and credit or replacements issued promptly.

For all returns, it is important that you enclose a brief statement describing the reason for your decision to return the item.  Make certain that you send the merchandise back to us via the U.S. Postal Service and covered by the appropriate insurance and tracking number. 

We cannot refund the original and return shipping charges.

Damaged Or Missing Items.

If any item of your order is received damaged or not receivedatall (missing), please contact "Customer Service" within 2 business days of receiving your order.  Please keep the original shipping invoice, postal receipt, and packaging.  In most cases of receiving damaged items, there is evidence of the damage noticeable on the outside of the shipping container itself.  

"Missing" items are easily confirmed by performing a simple weight check using the U.S. Postal stamp and our record of weight just prior to leaving our shipping office. 

In all cases, your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. 



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