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CandleSense is written and produced by Martha's Vineyard Candle Company(R) to provide helpful and practical hints for the safe and enjoyable use of your candles.


  • Inattention to the following instructions may lead to a fire hazard and/or personal injury. 
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • A burning candle is an open flame and should be treated with appropriate care.
  • Do not use a container candle if the container is in any way damaged.
  • Handle any candle container with care as they have a tendency to become hot.
  • Do not let any foreign matter or debris fall into the container or come into contact with the candle flame.  


  1. Always keep the candle wick trimmed to approximately 1/8" to 1/4" to prevent excess flame and smoke.
  2. Keep the burning candle out of drafts.
  3. The bottom of most candle containers and holders have a tendency to become warm and even hot to the touch so Always place a burning candle on an appropriate  plate or other fire retardant and heat resistant surface.
  4. You should discard any candle when 1/4" to 1/2" of wax remains.  This will prevent heat damage to the surface under the candle.
  5. Votive candles are not stand alone pillar candles and require an appropriate votive container.  Never burn freestanding.
  6. Placement of the candle is very important.  Make certain that the candle has at least 1 foot clearance all around and be sure to check above the candle as the heat will rise for at least several feet.
  7. Candles made by Martha's Vineyard Candle Company(R) do not contain lead wicks.
  8. Give extra attention to candles contained in Tins.  The bottom of a candle contained in a Tin can get quite warm and depending on how long the candle has burned it might become "Hot".  Therefore, place all candles in tins on a heat safe surface.
  9. Cats and especially kittens are drawn to the flame of a candle for several obvious reasons and some we might not know about.  Since cats can get to almost anywhere in your home it is up to you to be extra vigilant for their sake as well as yours.

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