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Rest, Cedarwood Scented Candle

Aromantics, created by Martha's Vineyard Candle Company, is a high quality line of Aromatherapy candles. We use only the finest ingriedients obtainable and combine them in stringently measured proportions to produce a top-of-the-line Aromatherapy product. Pure soy wax, all-natural hemp wicking and 100% true essential oils brought together with the single-minded goal of producing the gold standard in aromatherapy candles. The end result is a candle developed to enhance your mood and create a sense of well being; two factors essential to let through that "Healing Restful Moment" in a hectic, ever-increasingly stressful world.
Rest Aromatherapy Container Candle contains Cedarwood.
Dispel worries and let anxiety fall away.  Breath a sigh of relief with this serene and peaceful blend.

8 ounce tin
Price: $14.00
4 ounce tin
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